99 word story – The Farmhouse

After several years in the beautiful, isolated farmhouse, the number of running home repairs reached a critical point. Gregory Goodman couldn’t ignore them,  or the disapproving looks from his wife, any longer. Sighing, he demolished the bedroom wardrobe with a lumphammer, chunks of old plaster crumbling everywhere. When the dust finally settled, there behind the wardrobe, beneath a thin coating of plaster dust, was an ancient, heavy, dark door.

A rusty key hung from the lock, invitingly.

Gregory wasted no time.

He boarded up the door, re-plastered, and hoovered, before his wife came home.

Gregory was lazy.

Not stupid.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/veganflower/13989744424


70 thoughts on “99 word story – The Farmhouse

  1. I’m a Gemini and curious by nature. Even if O Fortuna was playing in the background, a group of people were screaming “don’t go in there you fool,” and Freddie Krueger was holding the door open for me, I would definitely look behind that door.

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