The Writer’s Life

The writer’s arc begins
Mewling at the teat
Feeding on those adverbs
Sucking iambic feet

It’s a tale that began once upon a time
Crying in vain for his momma
Plots play out, lessons are learned, there’s a surprising twist…
Then he slips into a comma


I haven’t pushed this much (not my style), but with the deadline nearing could I ask if you’d consider casting a vote for me in the “Funniest Blogger” category for the ABBAs (Annual Bloggers Bash Awards). It would be awfully spiffing of you. Thanks ever so!



39 thoughts on “The Writer’s Life

  1. This is just me being mean and leaving an extra comment for you to get back to when you come back from your break. Because, you know, I’m a mean kindda gal! 😉
    Seriously, you know I voted the very first time you mentioned it, so… I just hope you get it 🙂

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