Gravity’s Pull

Floating through space
Drifting through time
From the heart of dark stars
To primordial slime
Life’s all around,
Awaiting the spark
Seeking companionship :
A hand in the dark
There’s more to this life
Than we can conceive.
It sometimes takes faith
Before you believe.

47 thoughts on “Gravity’s Pull

  1. Still trying to wrap my head around those last two deceivingly simple-looking lines. I’ll agree with Sandra wholeheartedly – Master of Words, you are. 🙂

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  2. This touches me in places I didn’t know existed.
    It reminds me of a lovely stroll under the starlit sky last night, stopping ony to kiss and hug and grope… feel alive! Then move on towards a more comfortable place, where feeling alive was all that counted.
    I actually told him how I love walking under a starry night, how it both remind me how insignificant and how alive I am.
    Your words are obviously much more beautiful and profound 😉

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