99 word story – Zombie Forks 2

Luke flailed wildly against the fresh zombie. Weakened by hunger, he didn’t even have a weapon this time. Heart thumping, he backed up, heading for the kitchen – searching for a knife, anything… nothing. No knife block. Cutlery drawer?

He grabbed the first metallic item and swung, eyes closed, at the zombie’s head. It speared in through its ear. The zombie dropped to the floor, inanimate again.

Steve burst into the room with his club. “You ok?” He took one look at the scene and burst out laughing. “Use the forks, Luke!”

Luke dropped to his knees, sobbing, utterly drained.


This is the second one today from my friend Sandra’s “zombie – fork” prompt 🙂 Apologies to all the nice Steves out there. A couple of them have done you a real disservice!



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/albercik/3066168639

34 thoughts on “99 word story – Zombie Forks 2

  1. Oh my God, that was great! 😄 Just as I was opening this post, I thought… “I bet a fork could kill a zombie…” and I thought that’s what you might write… but not by using the forks.

    I’m embarrassed to admit how often my kids pick up some piece of food at the dinner table with fingers and I have to say “Use the fork!” That laugh… and usually, continue using fingers. 😀

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  2. “Luke flailed wildly against the fresh zombie.”

    This quite possibly the funniest first line of all time. So many ways to interpret it–cinematically, sexually, alcoholically, zombily.

    Now I’m pondering the difference between fresh zombies and day-old zombies. I mean, other than the fact that day-olds are usually half price and a little stale…come to think of it, they probably make great croutons.

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  4. I fear a throbbing headache prevents me from thinking. So no pun for me either.
    Can’t wait to have access to my computer (thus reader) soon, so I don’t have to binge read your work. It deserves to be relished in small forkfuls…
    I simply loved the ‘use the forks’ line!

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