Caress the Phrase…

Caress the phrase tenderly
Tease it from shyness

Test the words aloud
In breathy whispers

Lean in close to hear
Heat burning cheeks


Moisten lips for contact
Gentle adjective trail

Verbs explore all over
Seeking connection

Yielding to will
Aural serendipity

The right word in the right place…
Gasp of recognition

Familiar flush.
Make poetry for hours

What can I say? I frickin’ love making poetry… I’ve also recorded an audio version. I think this is another one for me to try and get Nigella Lawson to record… anyone have her number?? 

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42 thoughts on “Caress the Phrase…

  1. I don’t know why but Nigella leaves me cold so I think you would need an alternative audio version as well just to cater for all tastes. But love the words you’ve whipped up it’s a really luscious little recipe.

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  2. This should be the next ad for a magazine looking for poetic excellence! Personally, my ears are perfectly content with your auditory rendition. If you somehow manage to book Nigella,you’ll have to pay extra for the video recording! I’ll fly in the chocolate… 🙂

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  3. Nope don’t get the Nigella thing; maybe it’s because I feel she probably whipped up her own bosoms with extra thick sour cream. The poem though is neat as is the sentiment. Not sure about the photo – if I was looking for a caption it might be ‘Darling, there’s a zit on the side of your nose…’

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