99-word story – Christmas Dinner

I know it’s the middle of summer, but this is a mix of two prompts from my friends Meg (“Plonker!”) and Judy (“knickers!”)… the story itself is true enough!

Family Christmas dinners were awful… So dull. So polite. All please and thank yous, with the same routines every year.

In the kitchen, the turkey wasn’t quite cooked, and Millie was getting tense, despite (because of) Peter’s attempts to help. “No! You… Plonker!”

In the living room, Ella raised an eyebrow. This was most unusual!

Something could be heard falling, clattering from the hob.

“Oh… Knickers!”

Two eyebrows.

As dinner was served, Millie spilled red wine on the carpet.

“Oh… SHIT! “

Ella’s face didn’t move a muscle, but inside she rofld, she danced, she cheered.

Best. Christmas. Ever.



29 thoughts on “99-word story – Christmas Dinner

  1. Lovely story … and so typical … must reach out to a great many people … we have given up on big family dinners … just too stressful! Work on small dishes and Spanish tapas, now. Easy to do and something for everyone.

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  2. And people wonder why Canadians hang out with Americans so much. Now I’ll have to get out my English to British translation dictionary. Still, it was a cute story, which included two uncommon (at least on this side of the Atlantic) words. 😉 😕

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  3. I don’t know about ‘plonker’, and ‘knickers’ is definitely in rare use, but I believe ‘shit’ is universal! Holidays make for the best stories! 🙂

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