Carpe Diem

My old Latin teacher taught us
Carpe Diem. “Seize the day”…

What nonsense!
I don’t know what things were like in Latin times,
whether their concept of day was
different to ours
(Did you know they had no word for “blue”? I digress)

But the metaphysical notion of “seizing” in the sense of forcibly grasping and holding in one’s hands one full rotation around the Sun…

that’s beyond me.

No wonder the language died out.
No blue sky thinking.



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29 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Ahem… I don’t think you can say the language died down, it just evolved into many different languages, some taking its lexis, others the grammar structures, but certainly not *died out*…

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    • There was some debate on it between academics a couple of years ago. The concept that we had no colour X until the word for it was invented nearly blew my mind!


    • No teasing here! All the great Latin writers and poets described the sea and sky using red, black, green… but no blue. It’s possible their interpretation of green may have been broader than ours, but still, it melts my brain!

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  2. I studied Latin for a couple of years at school, but I was terrible at it, so can’t remember much, apart from how to say “I make war, you make war, he makes war…” (bellum, bellis, bellit… – they were quite into making war, them Romans).
    Also, up until a few hundred years ago, there was no English word for the colour orange. The colour got its name from the fruit. That’s why a robin is described as having a red breast, despite it being clearly orange; we had robins before orange.

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  3. I took Latin for 3 years in high school. Only 4 of us kept going back for more because the teacher was so mellow and we were relegated to the back corner while he taught the Latin 1 kids. So basically, we all got A’s and spent most of our time just talking. Not in Latin. Oh, and I remember very little of it!

    Etiam magister, ego vigilans

    (Okay, I looked that up. It may not even be correct…) 😀

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