The Stone

At the bottom of the stream
Is where I’ve found my place
Nestled among sisters
As we sit and wait

Time has smoothed my edges;
Left me with its scars
Spending days in longing
Dreaming of the stars

And though we look alike,
I am beautiful, unique.
Take a closer look,
Am I the one you seek?

Until I find my home,
Hear my daily song
As fresh water trickles over me,
And the river sings along.



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29 thoughts on “The Stone

  1. Thrilled to hear that you will be working full time again. Your writing is going places and taking you with it. Pieces such as this, are securing their spots in your shiny, wet future. Woo Hoo! and to think, I kinda, sorts knew you when… (blushing and cheering at the same time)

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