99-word story – The Train

The train slowed from an imperceptible crawl to a palpable stop. “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of East Midlands trains I’d like to apologise for the delay.

“Unfortunately, the driver has lapsed into a deep malaise… Is there perhaps a poet on the train?”

I leapt to attention.

“If I may be so bold as to show it,
I am, indeed, sir, a poet!”

Everyone in the carriage burst into a spontaneous, enthusiastic and prolonged round of applause. An old couple started dancing in the aisle. A middle-aged mother swooned. An angry man wept into his tattoos…

One day…




Picture credit:ย flickr.com/photos/12287146


63 thoughts on “99-word story – The Train

  1. Love it! Was it written on one of the relatively nice trains that visit London, or the chuggity bus-like things that pootle around the unfashionable bits of the East Midlands? I’ve often been on board the latter, where it’s the passengers who are more likely to fall into a deep malaise, particularly if it’s the height of summer, there’s only one carriage instead of two, and there’s no air conditioning…

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  2. I’m so proud… you are the first, self-proclaimed train poet I’ve heard tell of. Here’s to the billboards announcing your successes and the stops named in your honor. Damn, I love it when a day starts this good, it can only go up from here!!

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