The Graveyard

I need to take a walk
just to clear my head.
No one seems as silent
as the long-departed dead.

Walking past the headstones
set down long ago,
I reflect upon my choices
and how little that I know.

There’s wisdom in these bones.
In these untended plots.
But no one cares to listen
once the body rots.

Floral exhibitions,
displays of timely grief.
We’ll go and light a candle
to show off our belief.

We need to listen downward
Instead of up above.
Their message is the simplest one:
Live your life in love.



Picture credit:Β


35 thoughts on “The Graveyard

  1. This is lovely. I visit graveyards often. I find them peacefuI…. I used to drive around looking for old ones I’d never found before, the older the better. (I would still, had I the time.) I have countless photos from all over my area… and miles away. Oh, and from Highgate Cemetery, which I visited three times while I was living in London for those glorious six months…

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