Limerick – Infatuation

It’s the start of the school holidays here in the UK, and summer seems to have finally made its mind up to join us (at least for a few days)… against this background, and while the kids are playing happily outside, it’s time to dim the lights on here and get a little mushy for a week of Summer Lovin’. The non-romantic and dead inside might be happier taking a week off, or looking through my zombie stuff πŸ™‚

Esther NewtonΒ offersΒ a variety of weekly prompts. I’ve chosen to write limericks on the theme of infatuation πŸ™‚

Love’s loser…

I’m completely infatuated
With a girl I’d love to have dated
But fear held me back
We went different tracks
And now I’m alone and frustrated!

Love’s winner…

I’ve made the most wonderful find:
She’s the only thing now on my mind
When I try to sleep
Into my mind she creeps
So I’m tired, but feeling sublime!



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