Cliff Edge

Standing on the cliff edge
Scales fall from my eyes
Day’s mist recedes
With loosening of ties

A foot extends forward
Dares the earth to meet it
Bring its fury to me
Rising up to greet it

A moment’s hesitation…
The whole truth crashes in
The things that matter most
What I’d lose, and win

I recoil in horror
Heart pounding through my chest
With the certainty of knowing
What needs to be addressed

So if you’re struggling to see
The heart’s wants on your face
Step up to that edge
But take not another pace



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57 thoughts on “Cliff Edge

  1. This is a perfect expression of being on that edge. Scary and sad, yet more hopeful in the end. I think sometimes we need to get here to get out of it.

    I could never literally be on the edge… I am ridiculously afraid of heights. I think my parents scarred me for life when I was very young insisting that I look down when we visited the Empire State Building! Now, I really don’t even like standing on a stool. 🙂

    Happy to see you here! Hope you’re well and feeling less overwhelmed. 🙂

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  2. This is beautiful and poignant. Sometimes we need a step to the edge to understand what needs to change and what we want out of life. Wonderful poem! 🙂 Glad to see you. ❤


  3. I haven’t been around WP for a while, and every time I came back for an instant, I’ve wondered ?Where’s Al? Hope he’s well!’

    This poem… well… this is something that speaks to me, profoundly.
    On many levels.
    The actual ones, those times when I did contemplate ‘jumping over the edge’ (though for me it was more lying under a train or hanging from a hook, yeah, gloriously glamorous and joyful comment I’m making, isn’t it? Sorry about that!).
    The virtual ones, when I took a step and hoped mot to crash to my spiritual death down the path. I’m still standing, so… I guess the crashing is not meant for just now 😉

    Sending hugs Al, maybe because I could use them myself? Yeah, I’m a selfish one, I am 😉

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