Mixed-Up Matt

This is an older piece that I started but never finished at the time. I don’t often come back to poems once they’ve been lit and fizzled out… but thought I’d try with this one. Hopefully this will raise some smiles 🙂


Mixed-up Matt is all over the place :
the confusion’s as plain as the nose on his face.
Pity that nose isn’t in the usual space…

He has an ear for a nose, and a nose for an ear,
where you might smell, he would hear.
It’s all such a muddle, so very queer!

His fingers and toes are swapped around,
which comes in handy in the playground,
giving him chance to act the clown!

His nipples and knees, would you believe
(unless my eyes do greatly deceive)…
Such a world of wonder, tucked up his sleeve!

Finally now, it has to be shared,
his ass and his elbow are awkwardly paired…
But mixed-up Matt – he couldn’t have cared

For, with a song in his heart, the words all a jumble,
Matt wasn’t one to give in and grumble
And though his smile be upside down
His way to happiness may yet be found 🙂


37 thoughts on “Mixed-Up Matt

  1. That was great fun. I loved the rhythm of it, a bit like a Julia Donaldson story.
    I agree that it would make a excellent children’s story, obviously without the ‘ass’ and ‘nipple’ bits added. It would be more like 50 Shades Of Matt otherwise.

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