Checking in

Hi everyone!

I’ve not been around on WordPress much lately. My new job is going well, but doesn’t leave much room for blogging. In the evenings, I’ve been working on what I hope will become my first novel, and have been learning a whole new bunch of skills relating to plotting, planning (this is anathema to me!), character arcs, and all that jazz.

It’s a comedy, naturally, in my own particular style, although I should probably clarify that there are no zombies in this one. Well, not yet anyway. Who can tell where the muse/second draft will take you?

It’s at the fairly early stages, and I haven’t really worked out the plot yet (it’s character-driven)… but that’s what I’m spending my evenings on 🙂

I’ll keep posting the occasional thing on here, just to keep my hand in. A bit of nonsense, some haiku, some limericks, some more serious stuff… the usual range of rubbish from me!

Weirdly, yesterday was my best day ever for follows of my blog… and I haven’t posted anything for ages. Wonder what that tells me…

I had thought about writing some “milestone” posts on having reached a certain number of followers, and reaching my second anniversary on WP (on Sep 14th), but I’m not sure those things mean anything to anyone except me.

Besides, it’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going, right?

Hope you’re all enjoying your onward journeys. Wherever those winds are taking you x




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51 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I think life is mostly about where you are. Living in the moment, right? While the past brought you here, the future is unknown and the present is what matters most. Of course, some goals, hopes, plans and dreams keep you going and are necessary to improve your future… 🙂

    Our blogs are all about ourselves, our thoughts, our creativity, our art, so share away, Al, whenever you find the time. I am happy for you and jealous for me that you are getting your priorities right (while I am not)! 🙂

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  2. Well, I didn’t expect to see or hear from you until Halloween… you know, when all the creatures of the night appear, magically, at the door, begging for treats. So, that being said… What a TREAT! Thanks for the heads-up on your pending book release. (see what I did there). I am so excited for you. Keep up the good work, Al! 🙂

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  3. Oh Al! Good for you for setting your priorities straight. I miss you, and your wonderful humour. But… Ah well! I haven’t exactly been very regular with the blogging myself lately :/

    As for enjoying the onwards journey… I wouldn’t go as far as that, there’s still a lot of crap in the way, (and most of it I’m not the one piling in the way). But I do enjoy the ride, and have (finally) some vision of a few goals. One of them was just achieved (money in the bank account). Onto the next 🙂

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  4. Good to hear you are still in action Al, hope the new job goes well. The day one is totally free of the work syndrome is a great day. Join the working on first novel club, I’m just past 60,000 words on my raw first draft and still going, its a great feeling.

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  5. When I don’t blog for months, I get a deluge of new followers. What the heck in Britney Spears is that all about?! Was thinking what had happened to you the other day, so glad to hear from you. You have been missed.

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