Limerick – Fears

My wife has no fear, with one rider,
To wit, her view of the household-y spider
She lies there at night
Ears covered in fright
Thinking they’ll lay all their eggs inside her!

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80 thoughts on “Limerick – Fears

  1. You know what I would do? Burn the house down. Problem solved.
    Spawn has a similar fear, but his fear is of them going into his ear, burrowing into his brain and then laying eggs. I keep telling him that his fears are unfounded, because they’d have to find his brain first.

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  2. Spiders! Warn me next time… I will now have nightmares about this! 😉 Of course, I’ve had this nightmare before… Still not as weird as that dream I’ve had repeatedly with the ant in the bathtub… that was the size of the bathtub!

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  3. Your wife is a very sensible woman. My tip is to sleep with a plugged in vacuum cleaner next to the bed, so that she can just vacuum them up as soon as she feels them. Better yet, so that you can vacuum them up for her.

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  4. Ohh, shudder…Ever since I watched The Wrath of Khan(Star Trek) as a kid, I have had a fear of bugs crawling into my ears. Yuck yuck yuck!!! But lovely poem! 😀

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    • Haha! It’s very unlikely in this country. Fumigation would be a bit of an over-reaction to the non-bitey, reasonably small, household types that are abundant! A rolled-up magazine seems to do the job… 🙂

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