Limerick – Halloween (Part 1 !)

Halloween’s the best time of year
It fills me so full of cheer
There’s goblins and ghouls,
All manner of fools
Filling my neighbours with FEAR!



Written for my friend Judy, who asked for this… and rest assured, there will be more coming!

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26 thoughts on “Limerick – Halloween (Part 1 !)

  1. Reminds me of a song I learned in 1st grade (and still remember)
    Halloween! Halloween!
    On what wonderful sights to be seen.
    Tall black cats; witches hats;
    Wonderful, wonderful, Halloween!

    We sang with the enthusiasm only first graders have for all the fun or Halloween, and you seem to be getting into the spirit of the holiday AND THEN you write the last line…what do you have planned for the neighbors….OOOOOOOO.

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  2. Great poem, I loved it – and the picture fits so well.
    This is the first Halloween I’m spending in the US, so it’s very exciting for me. In Switzerland, people don’t really celebrate it as much.

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