Limerick – Homonyms

A great big spider dropped from the grate
And sat and spied her as she ate
Without batting her eyes
She batted some flies
Sharing them with her friend with legs eight!



I found this challenge really tough… Took me ages to get going. The challenge was to write a limerick using homonyms. Of course, once I got into it I threw a bunch in there…!

I know there are those that can’t stand spiders… I tried to use the least threatening picture of one that I could find! Hope this doesn’t freak anyone out… I found it here:

44 thoughts on “Limerick – Homonyms

  1. I loved the spider. She reminds me of Charlotte only in a Halloween costume for the occasion. The homonym challenged poem is really good. If you had used the WRONG homonym, you could have presented it to us “spelled wrong” then ended with the line, “You can’t trust spellcheck!” Ha!

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