The Rhyming Dead…

Anyone else excited about The Walking Dead coming back for Season 7 next week? They left us on that shocking cliffhanger… here’s a quick recap to remind you!

Rick had acted recklessly
Deciding to attack
Now, in the woods at midnight
There was no turning back

The Saviors have numbers
And weapons on their side
With eyes and ears everywhere
There’s no place left to hide

Negan is their leader
Swinging ’round Lucille
His bloody, battered baseball bat
Wrapped in barbed wire steel

Rick and Glenn and Daryl,
Maggie and Michonne,
On their knees and crying,
A long, long way from home

Rick’s hubris led them there
And now they pay the price
No cavalry to rescue them
No last roll of the dice

Negan cruelly toys with them
Going up and down the line
Playing eenie meenie minie
As they tremble in the pines

Then he chooses one
And Lucille she starts to hack
It could be any one of them –
The camera fades to black

A truly horrifying end
For one of our valiant crew;
But for the viewer, even worse –
A shocking thing to do!


For those who’ve NEVER watched The Walking Dead, there’s still time (and I’m not judging… you’ve been busy, right?)… John Cleese (no less) has prepared this summary of all previous six seasons in four delicious, gory minutes!


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55 thoughts on “The Rhyming Dead…

  1. Good recap of the last episode. I am ridiculously invested in this show in a way I haven’t been since Fraser. Yes, I know. There is no common ground here except I just liked Fraser and never missed an episode. I find my pulse picking up just thinking about tomorrow’s season opener. Pump PUMP, pump PUMP…

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  2. I knew you would do a TWD post, Al, and was so tickled to see this pop up this morning. We are very excited and I’m kind of dreading it at the same time. The end of last season was brutal, almost too much for me. Our little band of survivors is in terrible shape. Thanks for the poetic teaser 🙂

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  3. Hello… rock dweller here! I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed your poem and most appreciated the link to the John Cleese video explanation of the program. A fish tank of heads.. yes, on my Christmas list even as we speak. And oh yes, DON’T LOOK AT THE FLOWERS! Had me rolling in my jammies… Are you sure this program wasn’t meant to be a comedy?

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  4. A Fish Called Wanda is my favorite movie! Oh, but what were we talking about? Oh yes. I stopped watching this show because I couldn’t hack it. 😝 Esp since it’s on during winter. Too depressing. I do miss the characters sometimes though. Great poem! 😀

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  5. OMG LOVE this!! Have I conveyed my excitement yet? I was SO pissed off with them after that ending, so much so that I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to carry on with the show…but who was I kidding?? I wanna see it now!

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