Halloween Haiku

Dark Halloween night
Ghosts and goblins roam the earth
Demanding candy

Those grinning terrors
Knock on unsuspecting doors…

But they don’t mean that.
Try offering them a TRICK
And see what happens!



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/partymonstrrrr/4003308412

21 thoughts on “Halloween Haiku

  1. I offered a little beggar one of cats, one year.. HE was delighted! The parents? Not so much. Candy was handed over instead. Oh and the cat? He was just thrilled to have been picked up and cuddled. Little did he know that he nearly found himself at the bottom of a rucksack surrounded by tooth rotting goodies. Oh, the kitty’s name? Chomps! *no animals were intentionally threatened in my response to the trick or treater. The child actually wanted a 2nd choice because he didn’t like the candy I had. So, I picked up what was closest to me, which was my cat and suggested he could have this instead.

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  2. No one around yet. I’ll wear my Mexican costume: poncho, sombrero and Devil Mask. There is a theory that says I am insulting Mexicans by dressing the way they do. Cultural appropriation. I wonder if it will help if I speak to the ghosts in Spanish and Zapotec?

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  3. What a scary outfit on that pic! I must admit that I do love an original take on the Trick or Treaters costumes, or the home made attempt, with a sheet or a bin bag and a bit of their mum’s makeup!
    Great twist in the poem Al 🙂

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