A gratuitous bribe

One way to win people over is with the power of your words… another way is bribery… another bit of January fun to #banishtheblues !

Oopsy me, how careless
I don’t know what to say
You said there was no charge…
But I thought I had to pay

So here’s some rhyming chocolate
A piece of poem pie
Left down on a table
With a winking of my eye

And just in case you do not love
Those words what I have wrote
You’ll find beneath this poem
A crisp new ten pound note





Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/dysanovic/197527093





41 thoughts on “A gratuitous bribe

  1. Bribe is such a harsh word. I prefer to call it persuasion by way of gifting, whilst Spawn likes to call it “why are you trying to ruin my life?” Ooh, and I’ll have a piece of that rhyming chocolate along with a slice of poem pie. I’m not adverse to a gift of persuasion.

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  2. You know you could be quite good if you tried some grammar – ‘Those words what I have wrote’. I see what you are trying to do; force a rhyme at the end but really, didn’t Morcombe and Wise do that to death? If you went for the more prosaic yet functionally accurate ‘Those words that I have written’, you could still chisel out a rhyme ‘The cutest little kitten’, ‘a lover truly smitten’ ‘a size ten woollen mitten’, and leave your audience gasping at the audacity of your phrasing. I’m running courses this February – ‘Corrective Poetry for the Hard of Thinking’ – set in the rolling asphalt acres of Wormwood Scrubs, you are welcome to a monastic yet aesthetically euphoric sentence, sorry, sojourn at My Pleasure. Feel free to sign up in the usual places.

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    • I always thought it was a lack of talent, ability or application that was holding me back. Thank you for correcting me. I just need to lern some grammar! (n speeling)

      Some may have expected a former grammar school boy such as myself to have a firmer grasp of them word things, but is that realistic? Do we expect all comp boys to provide “comprehensive” information on any given topic? Or “community schools” to inculcate a hatred of Thatcher? (Maybe the latter)


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