Haiku City #3

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Combine poetry
With advanced cooking lessons:
Home haikunomics

The name’s Bond, James Bond
Her Majesty’s Government.
Licence to haiku

Haiku juggler
Keeping three balls in the air
Who knows where they’ll land?

Tears of a clown
Sad smile, facepaint smudging…
With a happy twist

Syllable counting.
Never beyond seventeen:


http://www.flickr.com/photos/kessiye/8998156548 / Creative Commons

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Haiku City #2

Went to haiku doc
He prescribed contemplation
And fresh perspective

The haiku-atrist’s
Waiting room’s full of wisdom
Arranged in three lines

Haiku bus driver.
Picks up people at three stops.
Takes them all over

Haiku chatterbox
Talks too much. Never quite has
Enough time to fin…


Have you heard the rumour? (poem)

Have you heard the rumour?
There’s a rumour going round
That people go weak at the knees
When a poet is around

Ladies and gents alike,
All go weak at the knees
And think the poet before them
Is as handsome as you please

Have you heard the rumour?
Make sure you tell your friends
Because sometimes knees go weak.
But usually it depends!

Picture courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/yamagatacamille/5233703048

Mum vs the Dragon (poem)

The little lad came bursting in
“Dad,” he cried, “come quick!
A dragon is attacking Mum;
She’s only got a stick!”

“Calm down, lad,” the dad replied,
Giving him a look.
“The dragon’s in with half a chance”
And continued with his book


The Man in the Moon and Friends (poem)

The bee in the bonnet
Sang me a sonnet
She sang it to me daily

She sang me a sonnet
With custard upon it
Then danced a buzzy ceilidh

The boy in the bubble
Bounced into trouble
He bounced into trouble daily

He bounced into trouble
Quick on the double
And laughed about it gaily

The five-fingered fish
Whispered a wish
Whispered it to me daily

He whispered a wish
Gave his tail a swish
But still turned out all scaly


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Stop! Children (poem)

Children must be stopped:
The signs are all around.
Some are borne by volunteers;
Others are in the ground.

Those little precious darlings,
Those snotty bundles of joy,
Look so sweet and innocent –
But it’s all a ploy.

I’m not the type to make a scene,
Don’t usually cause a fuss;
If we don’t stop the children now