99-word story – The Farmhouse #2

Note from AL – I started this as a one-off 99-word story a few weeks ago – https://altheauthor.wordpress.com/2016/06/02/99-word-story-the-farmhouse/ -, but some people were interested in hearing more, so this is a continuation. Each installment, if there is further interest, will be exactly 99 words 🙂

Georgie Goodman slumped before the mirror, sobbing. She’d gone to such an effort this evening, not that her good-for-nothing husband had even noticed. She’d tried, really tried, to re-connect with him. He’d been so distant these past few months, his mind always elsewhere, not even wanting to share a bed with her, and when he did he just stared at the bloody wall.

Mascara streaked, in heavy black tears. She tore off some cotton wool to clean herself up, wiping away the make-up.

“What was that?!”

The wall rumbled deep, and removed its make-up too. There was a door…



The Train

The train rolls ever onwards
The piper smokes his last
Grab all your hopes and dreams
And stick them up your past

The train rolls ever onwards
The teacher can’t be taught
Hate is rolling down the line
Incontinence of thought

The train rolls ever onwards
From day into dark night
Gathering all the mind-moths
Burn them in the light

The train rolls ever onwards
Until it makes the end
To hide within the darkness
And greet it like a friend



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/caldaroni/8633963996

Haiku – Clocks

Metronomic beats
Pulsing towards love’s ending
Counting down, not up

All clocks melt away
Persistence of memory?
Nothing survives clean

Time’s petite parcels
Those tick-tock happy endings
Eat away our hope


Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory

Picture credit: By Image taken from About.com, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=20132344

99 word story – Zombie Forks 2

Luke flailed wildly against the fresh zombie. Weakened by hunger, he didn’t even have a weapon this time. Heart thumping, he backed up, heading for the kitchen – searching for a knife, anything… nothing. No knife block. Cutlery drawer?

He grabbed the first metallic item and swung, eyes closed, at the zombie’s head. It speared in through its ear. The zombie dropped to the floor, inanimate again.

Steve burst into the room with his club. “You ok?” He took one look at the scene and burst out laughing. “Use the forks, Luke!”

Luke dropped to his knees, sobbing, utterly drained.


This is the second one today from my friend Sandra’s “zombie – fork” prompt 🙂 Apologies to all the nice Steves out there. A couple of them have done you a real disservice!



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/albercik/3066168639

99-word story – Human Needs

Things have been tough since we arrived, but my people try not to make a fuss. I think that’s why we fit in so well, despite the green skin. And second heads.

There have been some… misunderstandings… along the way. Apparently your dogs are not snack food. We learnt that lesson the hard way. Now, we keep our hungers hidden.

Its’s the least we could do, after you took us in; gave us shelter.

But you really have no idea how delicious you taste…

I’m not asking for forgiveness.

All I’m asking is that you respect my human needs.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/3653177703

Written for https://carrotranch.com/2016/06/29/june-29-flash-fiction-challenge/, on the prompt of “human needs”. I twisted the prompt a little 🙂


I crumble up the bread
Offer up some crumbs
Jealously guard the loaf
The source from which it comes

This artisanal loaf is mine alone
I do not wish to share it
It’s something of an acquired taste
And I don’t want to dare it

So take the crumbs and leave me be
There’s nothing more to taste
Than the hard-baked hearts of foolish men
Who’ve left their skills to waste



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/simonbleasdale/2510798899

OctPoWriMo #26 – Endless Loop

Everything is cyclical
Nothing ever ends
Cyclical patterns loop, repeat
Ends, old; new beginnings
Repeat unto exhaustion.

Beginnings never nearly fresh;
Exhaustion of the soul:
Fresh weariness on everything.
All of this amounts to nothing. NOTHING.
Everything is cyclical…




Today’s OctPo prompt was to write a loop poem. If you want light and comedic, check out either of my two earlier posts today – this one is not for you!

How to Loop 101:
There are no restrictions on meter or syllables or rhyme schemes (YAY!)
BUT we have a few rules!

Take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line.
I know, sounds harder than it is, so basically take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the first word of the THIRD line. Take the last word of the SECOND line and use it as the first word of the FORTH line. Last word of the THIRD line is the first word of the FIFTH line. And it keeps going on and on like that.
Some people do it by stanzas.
Got it? Sounds fun right!

Word Prompts:
Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth