Haiku – Diamonds & Pearls

Choose your metaphor:
Crush coal to make the diamond;
Grit that makes the pearl.

One formed by pressure.
The other takes what life throws,
Makes it beautiful



Written for: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/04/25/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-94-diamondspearls/

Back on the Bus

Back on the bus.
It’s been a while.
Iron the shirt.
Paint on smile.

Kids off to school.
Wife drives to work.
Last one out.
Only perk.

Walk to the stop.
No one there.
Bus due in two.
Stand and stare.

Bus pulls up.
Choose my seat.
Wrinkle nose.
Sweat in heat.

Back on the bus.
The bus is back.
Track-led life.
My life on track.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/thelightningman/7611029216



OctPoWriMo #26 – Endless Loop

Everything is cyclical
Nothing ever ends
Cyclical patterns loop, repeat
Ends, old; new beginnings
Repeat unto exhaustion.

Beginnings never nearly fresh;
Exhaustion of the soul:
Fresh weariness on everything.
All of this amounts to nothing. NOTHING.
Everything is cyclical…




Today’s OctPo prompt was to write a loop poem. If you want light and comedic, check out either of my two earlier posts today – this one is not for you!

How to Loop 101:
There are no restrictions on meter or syllables or rhyme schemes (YAY!)
BUT we have a few rules!

Take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line.
I know, sounds harder than it is, so basically take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the first word of the THIRD line. Take the last word of the SECOND line and use it as the first word of the FORTH line. Last word of the THIRD line is the first word of the FIFTH line. And it keeps going on and on like that.
Some people do it by stanzas.
Got it? Sounds fun right!

Word Prompts:
Petrichor- the scent of rain on dry earth


OctPoWriMo #8 – Blues (poem)

Three in the morning
No one is sleeping
A momentary pause
Hallway creeping

It starts up again
Those endless tears
Sobbing and wailing
Confirming my fears

Patience is tested
My better side bested
Frustration kicks in
As sleep is arrested

Singing and talking
Hugging and rocking
Won’t make him stop…
Defences unlocking

Inner flames raging
Self’s war is waging
Up for work soon
That clock isn’t changing

And just when I think
There’s nothing to lose
He flashes me
Those baby blues

He flashes me
Those baby blues




baby hand

Written for OctPoWriMo Day 8, on the theme of “colour”. http://www.octpowrimo.com/

Haiku Challenge – Tears & Wine

This is my contribution for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge – check it out here https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/09/07/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-61-tears-wine/ . The prompt words really spoke to me – I have constructed a whole narrative haiku poem around them. You may relate… I hope that you enjoy.

Cocktails at the bar.
Easy silence; lustful looks.
Tearing off of clothes.

The smell of your nape,
Your strawberry wine kisses
Take me to that place.

A brutal goodbye
(Is there any other sort?)
That night in the bar.
You left me a broken man,
Sobbing, shoeless, in the street.

Words tore through my heart
With the butcher’s finesse.
Vino veritas

Tears soak my pillow
Seeking the bottle’s comfort
No salvation there

Set aside the drink,
Believe in yourself again.
No more tears for her

Summer breeze carries
A scent of strawberry wine
Bringing fresh promise


Image courtesy of: flickr.com/photos/chillmimi/13423098434 / Creative Commons

The Quiet Ones (poem)

This is for the shy ones, the quiet ones,
The too afraid to try it ones.
The hanging at the back ones,
The just don’t have the knack ones.

The timorous and tremulous,
Tethered to life’s pole.

The always do their best ones,
The nothing on their chest ones.
The calm ones, the still ones,
The even when they’re ill ones.

The doers and the triers,
Searching for their role.

This is for the nice ones, the kind ones,
The something on their mind ones.
The passive and the shy ones,
The wouldn’t tell a lie ones.

The downtrodden. The desperate,
Deep in fortune’s hole.

I hear you in the darkness,
With heavy heart and soul.
Take this helping hand in yours:
Together we are whole.


Picture courtesy of flickr.com/photos/josemanuelerre/5370801264 / Creative Commons

I Just Wanna Be Noticed (poem)

I just wanna be noticed,
Sat here on the train,
Weekend’s royal rainbows
Still swirling round my brain.

I just wanna be noticed,
For all I do round here.
Endless hours of effort.
Every day of the year.

I just wanna be noticed:
A smile, a nod, or a wave.
I don’t want you to worship me
A thank you’s all I crave.

I just wanna be noticed:
Bring me into your sun.
A lifetime in the shadows
Is not good for anyone.

I just want you to notice me,
I’ve so much more to give.
I just wanna be noticed.
I just wanna live.

Image Creative Commons: Katie Tegtmayer

“U is for… Used to be” (poem)

I used to be a secret agent, but tired of all that spying.
I used to be a hard worker, but found it much too trying.
I used to be as good as gold, but cashed it in for pennies.
I used to have a head of hair, but lost it in my twenties.

I used to believe; now my well of faith is dry
I used to have a future, before the years went by.
I used to give the orders: now I do what I’m told.
The worst thing about getting old is… getting old.

I used to be a copper, but rusted in the rain.
I used to be a cabbie, but longed to drive a train.
I used to be a wild animal: now I’m an indoor cat.
I used to be a little this, but now I’m more a that.

I used to be a Red, but now my colour’s Green.
I used to be Easter: now I’m Halloween.
Life used to be just better. Regrets? I have a few.
Know that when you’re tested, be careful what you do.

I used to be a fighter, but now am less a lover.
I used to be overt, but now I’m undercover.
I used to be a man of mystery, now my life’s an open book.
I used to be a president, but now I’m not a crook.

I used to wear sharp suits: now I’m dressing down.
I used to be lost: but still I don’t feel found.
I used to be a big cheese. I’m now a Babybel.
I wonder about the choices that led to my own hell.

I used to be cutting edge, but now my wits are dulled.
I used to be a writer, but all my tales are told.
I used to be hot stuff: now I’m yesterday’s stuffing.
I used to be a million: now I’m more like nothing.

I used to be the many, but now I’m in the few.
I used to have the answers: now I wonder what to do.
I used to be. Now, not to be. A life unmade;
A belt unbuckled; a song unsung; a piano unplayed.

I used to be in the circle, now I’m outside looking in.
I used to be hot-headed, now I take it on the chin.
I used to be a dreamer; now it’s a bloody nightmare.
I used to be spontaneous, but now it’s only childcare.

I used to play the king, but now I wear no crown.
I used to be an adverb; now I’m just a noun.
I used to have it all; then we had to part.
Everything changed in the blinking of a heart.

I used to tell tall tales, but time has changed a lot.
Should you believe a word of this?

You should not.


“H is for… a Handful of Haikus”

Trapped inside glass cage
Longing for the poetry
When 5 o’clock comes

I am lost, alone
Beaten by this harsh world
Your words raise me up

No blue sky thinking
All dreams are cancelled today.
Welcome to my job

Printer jammed again
My pleading goes unheeded.
Rise of the machines

Inclusive buzzwords
Seek the diverse honey pot
Sting me all over

A meeting of minds?
Yes, mediocrities all.
And I am of them.

Biscuits, buns and cakes.
Bonds formed in diabetes:
The modern office.

Spent lunch break writing
Haiku poems for my blog
Should have eaten food