D is for… (poem)

D is for the danger we dare to dream
Dry-dirty regrets
As we swing from the beam

D is for disease, dysentery and death
The slow dance with demons
Who suck our last breath

D is for drugs, delicious and dark
Doled out in doorways
Dimming our spark

D is for depression, densest of clouds
Our disguise pulled down
As we play to the crowds

D is for digging, deep down in the dirt
Desire-dropped denizens
Trading in hurt

D is for dying, in dusty despair
Destroying our legacy
On what we don’t dare

Disaster-dipped, doom-driven doctors and deans
Delegate prescriptions on what it all means

Despicable deeds of the damned and the dead
Never deigning to dwell on what lies ahead

… D is for defeat