Haiku – Secret Keeper

Secret Keeper runs a weekly poetry challenge here – http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/10/26/weekly-writing-prompt-8/ .
This week’s prompt words were: liquid – story – sound – mind – gate. I like to try and use them all in a single, coherent haiku…

Gates of a sound mind
Dissolve to liquid fury
Hearing that “story”




Love Haiku #5

Ran five miles home,
A long sprint to hide my shame;
A longer shower

An empty vessel.
I won’t miss you when you’re gone
I tell myself now

Last look through the door.
My heart stretched to breaking point
To see you with him

A look, lingering
Slices through my defences,
Leaves my wound exposed

My sun and my sin,
Guiding me through moonless night
Blinding me to faults

26 – For Emma
Purple skirt kisses
Next to the bar quiz machine
You looked amazing


Picture by kind courtesy of NB Photography (you can find them and more amazing photos on Facebook, or at http://www.neilbarr.co.uk). “Ailsa Craig from Lendalfoot, Ayrshire”

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Haiku Challenge – “Lock” & “Gab”

This is Ronovan’s latest haiku challenge, with the prompt words “lock” and “gab”. https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/haikuchallenge-49-ronovanwrites-lock-gab/ I wrote a huuuuuge pile of love haiku at the weekend that I’m publishing here each day, and it seems that the theme of love has seeped into these too…

The Princess and the Toad
A garrulous toad
Unlocks the princess’s heart
But he’s not a prince

The Love That Dare Not Speak
I don’t have the words
For love that dares not whisper
Lock down all feeling

The gift of the gab
Is my route to your riches
A forbidden love?


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