What’s in a name?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that I’ve changed the header on my blog to “A Certain Point of View”… bonus points if you recognised it as a Star Wars reference. This uses “certain” in the sense of “particular”, rather than in the sense of “being” certain. I rarely am.

I called this “Al the Author” originally as a statement to myself as much as anything. My thinking was that I wear many hats, Al the Dad, Al the Husband, Al the Office Drone… and this blog was for the writing part of me, that had no voice, no outlet. (Obviously there has been some blurring at the edges since.) What I didn’t think through back then was that that makes for a pretty clunky blog title… ain’t hindsight wonderful!

Nothing else is changing with my blog. Yet. I’ve got some other ideas and loose plans for the future, but we’ll see what comes of them.

So, thanks for reading my blog, and please keep liking, commenting and sharing… and hold me to account if my material’s not good enough to warrant it! 🙂


The Candle

I cup the candle in my palm
And feel its warming glow.
Although its flame is flickering
It lights my way to go.

The world is darkness all around:
Brother turned on brother.
My candle keeps the hope alive:
I will ask no other.



OctPoWriMo #14: Edge of Tomorrow

Standing on the edge of tomorrow,
The future not yet set.
Closing my eyes and edging forward,
The best it’s gonna get

The whole world’s just a change away
From being something else
You’ve gotta let go of everything
But hang on to yourself



This is today’s contribution to OctPoWriMo – a challenge to write a poem a day during October. Today’s prompt was a bridge between today and tomorrow. I have to admit – these are more lyrics than a poem, in my head.

You can sign up here, at any time during the month, or just check out the prompts and tips if you prefer – http://www.octpowrimo.com/


Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

Haiku – “After”

Here are my contributions for the haiku horizons weekly challenge, based around the prompt word “after”. Check out the other entries here: https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2015/09/20/haiku-horizons-prompt-after/

After the Great Flood,
Who’ll lead us back onto land
And reclaim the Earth?

A love so perfect,
Complete, and soul-nourishing,
There was no “after”

The previous prompt was “before”. I wrote the next one to tie in with last week’s (https://altheauthor.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/before-haiku/)

We lie to ourselves
No “happy ever after”
While tied to before