Golden Shovel, after Charles Simic “Watermelons”

A golden shovel takes an existing short poem, and uses every word as the end of each line for a new poem

Watermelons, by Charles Simic

Green Buddha
On the fruit stand.
We eat the smile
And spit out the teeth.

Golden Shovel, after Charles Simic “Watermelons”
I lazed on the lawn, summer green
Calm and peaceful, an urban Buddha
Eyes closed, nothing on
My mind, just enjoying the
Moment, this day, this sun, the fruit
Of nature. Feeling its rays, I stand,
Arise without thinking, realising we
Are one; nature, earth, people; we eat
Of the soil and feed the
Soil; reaping what we sow, every smile
Breeding a dozen more, joy spreading and
Growing, an infection of hope that spits
On salty pavements, letting out
The poison of doubt, and the
Self-constraints of “can’t”, through newly-revealed teeth.

Al at the Maze4 - May-18

Alistair Lane performing at The Maze…

Cliff Edge

Standing on the cliff edge
Scales fall from my eyes
Day’s mist recedes
With loosening of ties

A foot extends forward
Dares the earth to meet it
Bring its fury to me
Rising up to greet it

A moment’s hesitation…
The whole truth crashes in
The things that matter most
What I’d lose, and win

I recoil in horror
Heart pounding through my chest
With the certainty of knowing
What needs to be addressed

So if you’re struggling to see
The heart’s wants on your face
Step up to that edge
But take not another pace



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The Stone

At the bottom of the stream
Is where I’ve found my place
Nestled among sisters
As we sit and wait

Time has smoothed my edges;
Left me with its scars
Spending days in longing
Dreaming of the stars

And though we look alike,
I am beautiful, unique.
Take a closer look,
Am I the one you seek?

Until I find my home,
Hear my daily song
As fresh water trickles over me,
And the river sings along.



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Band of One

Been playing songs for so long
Got music in my soul
A new song every night I sing
But still I don’t feel whole

Been touring round these parts so long
And yeah I’ve had some fun
But I’m not all I could be
Cuz I’m a band of one

It looks like fun from the outside, but
This living ain’t a life
Never knowing where I’m going to,
The road my only wife

And so I take the stage each night
And whisper love’s soft words
Feeling such a fraud each time
Cuz they’re nothing like I’ve heard

If I could ever find someone
To sit with in the sun
Then maybe I could break up
This lonely band of one

And all I really need is someone
To sit with in the sun
And on that day I’ll break up
This lonely band of one



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Gravity’s Pull

Floating through space
Drifting through time
From the heart of dark stars
To primordial slime
Life’s all around,
Awaiting the spark
Seeking companionship :
A hand in the dark
There’s more to this life
Than we can conceive.
It sometimes takes faith
Before you believe.