Limerick – Infatuation

It’s the start of the school holidays here in the UK, and summer seems to have finally made its mind up to join us (at least for a few days)… against this background, and while the kids are playing happily outside, it’s time to dim the lights on here and get a little mushy for a week of Summer Lovin’. The non-romantic and dead inside might be happier taking a week off, or looking through my zombie stuff 🙂

Esther Newton offers a variety of weekly prompts. I’ve chosen to write limericks on the theme of infatuation 🙂

Love’s loser…

I’m completely infatuated
With a girl I’d love to have dated
But fear held me back
We went different tracks
And now I’m alone and frustrated!

Love’s winner…

I’ve made the most wonderful find:
She’s the only thing now on my mind
When I try to sleep
Into my mind she creeps
So I’m tired, but feeling sublime!



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The Graveyard

I need to take a walk
just to clear my head.
No one seems as silent
as the long-departed dead.

Walking past the headstones
set down long ago,
I reflect upon my choices
and how little that I know.

There’s wisdom in these bones.
In these untended plots.
But no one cares to listen
once the body rots.

Floral exhibitions,
displays of timely grief.
We’ll go and light a candle
to show off our belief.

We need to listen downward
Instead of up above.
Their message is the simplest one:
Live your life in love.



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Haiku – Clocks

Metronomic beats
Pulsing towards love’s ending
Counting down, not up

All clocks melt away
Persistence of memory?
Nothing survives clean

Time’s petite parcels
Those tick-tock happy endings
Eat away our hope


Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory

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The Stone

At the bottom of the stream
Is where I’ve found my place
Nestled among sisters
As we sit and wait

Time has smoothed my edges;
Left me with its scars
Spending days in longing
Dreaming of the stars

And though we look alike,
I am beautiful, unique.
Take a closer look,
Am I the one you seek?

Until I find my home,
Hear my daily song
As fresh water trickles over me,
And the river sings along.



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Band of One

Been playing songs for so long
Got music in my soul
A new song every night I sing
But still I don’t feel whole

Been touring round these parts so long
And yeah I’ve had some fun
But I’m not all I could be
Cuz I’m a band of one

It looks like fun from the outside, but
This living ain’t a life
Never knowing where I’m going to,
The road my only wife

And so I take the stage each night
And whisper love’s soft words
Feeling such a fraud each time
Cuz they’re nothing like I’ve heard

If I could ever find someone
To sit with in the sun
Then maybe I could break up
This lonely band of one

And all I really need is someone
To sit with in the sun
And on that day I’ll break up
This lonely band of one



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Gravity’s Pull

Floating through space
Drifting through time
From the heart of dark stars
To primordial slime
Life’s all around,
Awaiting the spark
Seeking companionship :
A hand in the dark
There’s more to this life
Than we can conceive.
It sometimes takes faith
Before you believe.