Limerick – Taste

A gentle swaying of hips
As hands behind firmly grip
I hold her with my gaze
Feel her fiery blaze,
Tasting her strawberry lips



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Manners Maketh…

Hope this one puts a spring in your step at the start of a new week 🙂 I’ve added the audio recording here:


The dance was full and crowded
With many at the ball.
He spied her through the throng
And heard her siren call.

She’d seen him too, and thought she knew
The type of man he’d be.
Tall and dark and debonair,
Who behaved impeccably.

They met with just their fingertips;
He asked her for this dance
And led her to the dancefloor
His eyes swift-stealing a glance.

May I?” he said, and led her round
And apologised for his grace
(Specifically, the lack thereof,
And the reddening of his face)

The belle in blue was smiling too,
Never you fret, my dear
Both were manners and courtesy,
And maintained a civil veneer.

Round and round, the dance went on,
From one song to the next,
Drawing ever closer,
As the music weaved effects

Her skin was pale and perfect,
But there was fire in those eyes.
A playful smile upon those lips,
And all that that implies.

He leaned in close, drank in her scent,
And whispered in her ear
Some words I will not share with you,
But whose intentions were so clear.

He led her from the dancefloor:
They weren’t seen the rest of the day.
Manners will take you so far,
Then devil the rest of the way.



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Haiku – Top & Light

For those in love:

On top of the world
Looking down on creation
Love’s light everywhere

For those in lust:

Turn the lights down low
Pull me close, whisper secrets
Tear this top from me…

For those who have both… don’t brag about it! 🙂



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Words, Alone

No tingled touch
Upon bare skin.
No toss of hair;
Or playful grin.
These words, alone, to woo.

No eyes to meet,
Or silence break.
No hand to hold,
Or breath to take.
These words, alone, to woo.

No stolen glance
Or moments miss.
No lips to touch,
Or nape to kiss.
Words, alone, to woo.

No whispered wants
Or breathy hush.
No caress
Or soaring rush.
Words, alone, to woo.

No midnight madness
Guilt to cleanse.
Falling quickly;
More than friends.

No joy.
No pain.
Fleeting there
And back again.
My words, alone.
For you.



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Writing 201: Poetry #5 – The Map of You (poem)

Along capillaries of kindness;
Arteries of artistry.
Through thin veins of vanity
Knowing you’re the one for me.

Your pulsing personality;
Plate-lets of piety.
The ebb and flow of letting go
Of all that’s dear to me.

I want to be within you;
Part of your anatomy.
But there’s no map to find the way
Of binding you to me.



Today’s prompts were map – ode – metaphor. The relationship between the prompts and the end product is not always a straight line 🙂


Haiku Challenge – Tears & Wine

This is my contribution for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge – check it out here . The prompt words really spoke to me – I have constructed a whole narrative haiku poem around them. You may relate… I hope that you enjoy.

Cocktails at the bar.
Easy silence; lustful looks.
Tearing off of clothes.

The smell of your nape,
Your strawberry wine kisses
Take me to that place.

A brutal goodbye
(Is there any other sort?)
That night in the bar.
You left me a broken man,
Sobbing, shoeless, in the street.

Words tore through my heart
With the butcher’s finesse.
Vino veritas

Tears soak my pillow
Seeking the bottle’s comfort
No salvation there

Set aside the drink,
Believe in yourself again.
No more tears for her

Summer breeze carries
A scent of strawberry wine
Bringing fresh promise


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The Depth of Skin (poem)

We all know that beauty’s only skin deep,
But sometimes – SOMETIMES – it smacks you in the face.
Demands attention.
Full attention.

Your eyes lock on, your tongue lolls low
Your heart beats that little bit faster.

You see her standing at the bar and your ego goes on autopilot
As your doubt dives for the door.
“Can I buy you a drink?” you say, as dashing and bold and unlike your normal self as that time you asked out Lucy Zeilinski at the football club social.

This beauty at the bar, the most beautiful by far,
With divine, picture-perfect porcelain skin,
A face to launch a shedful of ships,
Long legs, shapely hips
Easy smile upon her face,
Radiating easy grace.

She quacks.

You laugh deeply.

Beauty AND fun.

You think you’re in love.
Is this what it feels like to meet the one?

Faster. Faster.

Scenes flash by:
Passionate courtship
Exchanging vows
Holding her hand as the twins are born,
Giving your daughter away in a stylish society wedding as your wife, your beautiful, beautiful wife, smiles on with doe eyes as loved up as they were in this moment of meeting, when two particles met in the cold vastness of an empty universe and bonded instantly, feted by the stars, lauded by the poets, the greatest, most beautiful love, enduring through the ages, as smooth, taut skin sags and wrinkles, hand-in-hand, together, through all life’s seasons.

Then she quacks again. QUACK!

Doubt comes running back, accompanied by its bosom buddies, self-loathing and self-pity, and I flee as awkwardly and rudely, as Lucy Zeilinski at the football club social.

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