The Worm Moon

For those who weren’t aware, the full moon (a “supermoon”, no less) last night is referred to as “the worm moon“. I had never heard this description before… it sparked the following, for World Poetry Day. I hope you enjoy 🙂


Every dog has his day,
And the worm gets its moon…
Not an obvious choice
for celestial nomenclature.
Its wormy good points
Buried beneath the surface
Of secretive earth.
Blind. Emotionless.

But they carry on, they wriggle on,
Chewing through the endless
To reach destinations unseen
By routes non-linear

Surviving scissor cuts of
Inquisitive children
And early morning raids
By well-prepared birds

Just existing, and being,
Content as they are
Ready to one day,

The Worm Moon

I Promised Her The Moon…

I wrote this for Jane at , who was the one hundredth person to “like” my Facebook page, and asked if she won a prize for that… Sure, why not! I hope she likes it 🙂

I was feeling kinda cocky,
So sang it like a tune:
Give me just the weekend,
And I’ll give you the moon.

Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed,
But the moon is kinda big.
So instead I wrote this ditty,
And danced a merry jig.

I keep on doing this, you see,
False-promising the sky.
Till my dreams become reality,
I promise just to try.



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