I Just Wanna Be Noticed (poem)

I just wanna be noticed,
Sat here on the train,
Weekend’s royal rainbows
Still swirling round my brain.

I just wanna be noticed,
For all I do round here.
Endless hours of effort.
Every day of the year.

I just wanna be noticed:
A smile, a nod, or a wave.
I don’t want you to worship me
A thank you’s all I crave.

I just wanna be noticed:
Bring me into your sun.
A lifetime in the shadows
Is not good for anyone.

I just want you to notice me,
I’ve so much more to give.
I just wanna be noticed.
I just wanna live.

Image Creative Commons: Katie Tegtmayer

Out of Office Autoreply Haiku #2 (poems)

Paternity leave messages
Emails. Wait in
Inbox festering while I
Change baby nappies

Out of the office
Changing new baby nappies
Elbow deep in poo

Wife just had baby
Will we ever sleep again?
Please don’t answer that

The dramatic
A forlorn inbox.
A message flashes to life.
Ping! Silence again

The braggart
Picture this and weep:
White sand beach, azure waters,
A palm tree. And me

The pessimist
Insert generic
Out of office message text
For no one to read

The honest
At work, but busy
Using this to filter chaff
Call me if urgent

The geek
Not in the office
Will reply upon return
Valar dohaeris

In my underwear
Watching Game of Thrones boxset.
Winter is coming


Out of Office Autoreply – Haikus (poem)

Feel free to use any of these out of office messages next time you’re away from our desk…

The polite:

Apologies, friend.
I am currently elsewhere.
Reply on return.

Thanks for your message.
I’m out: try my boss instead.
On, the wheel turns.

The honest:
Enjoying rare peace,
Reading on a sunny shore.
Is it important?

Look, I’m finally
Taking a few days respite.
Please recall message

The philosophical:

If an inbox pings
In middle of the forest,
Is it heard… No

Pebble pings surface
Ripples rise, spreading outwards
Then fresh calm returns

The “I’m leaving” comments:
I.T. won’t wipe this
For ages. Useless eejits.
Have left for more cash

Ha! Too late, sucker!
This bird has flown the nest, gone.
Will you be the next?

I’m stabbed in the back.
Steve and Nicky ambushed me.
Don’t believe their lies.

I will be avenged!
Cry havoc at my sacking:
Loose the dogs of war!

Leaving Planet Earth.
Time for a new home. So long.
Thanks for all the fish



Coming up…

I enjoyed taking part in the NaPoWriMo and A to Z Blog Challenge last month – it brought a bit of structure into this daydreaming poet’s life. In an attempt to recreate some of that structure, for the next few weeks (and maybe longer, if it works) I’m going to publish on the following topics:

MONDAY – Office poetry. Because us office drones need a bit of light relief

TUESDAY – Slug poetry. An under-represented area. Embrace your inner slug.

THURSDAY – “From Bad to Verse” – a short series of advice and useful links for those who are interested in writing rhyming picture books, based on my own experience

FRIDAY – Zombie poetry. Brains…. Brains…

So if any of this grabs your interest, please drop by and check them out, along with any other flights of fancy or whimsy that pop into my head while I’m staring out of the window at work. Hope you’ll join me 🙂


“M is for… Meeting Minutes” (poem)

Meeting time. Back again.
Position jostle. Click pen.
Introductions. Round we go.
Agenda thin. Lie low.
Soft voices. Gentle tones.
Strategic talk. Silence phone.
“Road map.” Going where?
Chap from Comms slumped in prayer.

Look around. Head in hands.
Ramrod straight. “Robust plans.”
Puffed-up windbag sloganeering.
Tummy rumble. Lunch is nearing.
No one looking – explore nose.
Stretch legs. Wiggle toes.
Fidget, furtle, arch back.
“Vision statement.” Knuckles crack.

‘tache twirling. Deep sigh.
Buzzing round, black fly.
Director talks. People listen.
Manager talks. People stiffen.
Occasional nodding. Nodding off.
Hide face. Smother cough.
Coloured pens, making notes.
Flappy hands. Lofty quotes.

Secret smile. Scratch nose.
Furrowed brow. Agree/ oppose.
Shoulders shrugging. Arms folded.
Limited deeds, sugar coated.
Key partners. Locked in.
Checking BlackBerry. Stroking chin.
Pen poised. Leaning back.
“Synergy.” Defend/ attack.

“Buy-in.” Breathe out.
What’s she going on about?
Mask slips. Straighten face.
Boy, I’ve got to leave this place.

Meeting closes. Went alright.
Wonder what’s for tea tonight?


“H is for… a Handful of Haikus”

Trapped inside glass cage
Longing for the poetry
When 5 o’clock comes

I am lost, alone
Beaten by this harsh world
Your words raise me up

No blue sky thinking
All dreams are cancelled today.
Welcome to my job

Printer jammed again
My pleading goes unheeded.
Rise of the machines

Inclusive buzzwords
Seek the diverse honey pot
Sting me all over

A meeting of minds?
Yes, mediocrities all.
And I am of them.

Biscuits, buns and cakes.
Bonds formed in diabetes:
The modern office.

Spent lunch break writing
Haiku poems for my blog
Should have eaten food