OctPoWriMo #8 – Blues (poem)

Three in the morning
No one is sleeping
A momentary pause
Hallway creeping

It starts up again
Those endless tears
Sobbing and wailing
Confirming my fears

Patience is tested
My better side bested
Frustration kicks in
As sleep is arrested

Singing and talking
Hugging and rocking
Won’t make him stop…
Defences unlocking

Inner flames raging
Self’s war is waging
Up for work soon
That clock isn’t changing

And just when I think
There’s nothing to lose
He flashes me
Those baby blues

He flashes me
Those baby blues




baby hand

Written for OctPoWriMo Day 8, on the theme of “colour”. http://www.octpowrimo.com/

“W is for… Why?” (poem)

“Tell me, Daddy, tell me why!
You’d put an apple in a pie!

“Where do thoughts come from?
Where do dreams go?
How do I know that I know what I know?

“How do clocks know what time it is?
When I have a cold, and I’m streaming with snot
Do I have inside me, a mucus-y pot?

“What does Santa do, the rest of the year?
Why is the moon as big as the sun?
How can battles be lost, and won?

“Where do my socks disappear in the dryer?
What is light made of? What does it do?
Why is my soul on the base of my shoe?

“Come on, Daddy, tell me please!”

“Err… maybe your mother can help you with these”


“O is for… Other People’s Children” (poem)

Other people’s children,
Sleep right through the night,
Other people’s children,
Never scratch or bite

Other people’s children,
Can read before they’re four,
Other people’s children,
Don’t drop food on the floor

They don’t paint things on the wall,
Tape things to the cat,
Play ball in the hall,
Or smear their hair in… that

Other people’s children,
Do exactly what they’re told,
Other people’s children,
Rarely get a cold

Other people’s children,
Never shout or curse,
Other people’s children…
I can’t think of anything worse!


F is for… First Day of School (poem)

First day of school
Lined up in a row
Stand behind a crying one
Who doesn’t want to go

Shuffle in in silence
Knowing no one’s name
Hand-in-hand clutched tightly
Others do the same

The whistle blows – PEEP!
Teacher leads them in

I stand there sobbing
Tears dripping from my chin

first day of school