Autobiographical Haiku

To save my reason,
I write verses as a gift,
But must work for coin


I wrote this for secret keeper’s weekly challenge, based on 5 prompt words – gift coin verse work reason. This isn’t the best haiku I’ve ever written, but I am strangely proud of it, chiefly because it describes me so perfectly, using every one of the prompt words in one haiku.

Hope you enjoy it too 🙂


My Father Was A Rich Man (poem)

Well, my father was a rich man
So I played rich man’s games
Picking up his torch
Our lives mapped out the same

But misery gets misery
Don’t judge me by my clothes
Inside I am a poor man
And on and on it goes

I have the country mansion,
Fast car and model wife
But don’t mistake the trappings
For happiness in life

Yes, don’t mistake the trappings
For happiness in life




Written for:   with the prompt “father”

OctPoWriMo #25 – Reminiscing on Childhood

Never had a favourite toy,
Not that I recall.
No comforter or teddy.
No treasured bat and ball.

How many other grown ups
Had their memories overwrit,
By some grainy photos,
Or a loved ones reminisce?

Is the poet’s search for truth
Similarly tainted?
Objectivity lost as I become with
Others’ views acquainted?

Memory is fluid;
Perspective always shifting.
Maybe truth matters less
Than the process of truth-sifting



Written for OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was “childhood favourites”, ie beloved childhood toys.


Haiku Challenge #46 Think & Fresh

Having entered for the first time last week and been blown away by the friendly community around this (and Ronovan’s detailed, and generous, review of all entrants), I’m back for more… Here are two haiku for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge –

This week’s word prompts are “think” and “fresh

Out of his depth
Fresh-faced college boy
Thinking he’s out of his depth
Takes swimming lessons

Fresh-faced college boy, thinking he’s out of his depth
Thinking he’s out of his depth, takes swimming lessons

Two become one become…
I end. You begin.
I think it and you say it.
Fresh perspective sought.

I end. You begin. I think it and you say it!
I think it and you say it. Fresh perspective sought.


“U is for… Used to be” (poem)

I used to be a secret agent, but tired of all that spying.
I used to be a hard worker, but found it much too trying.
I used to be as good as gold, but cashed it in for pennies.
I used to have a head of hair, but lost it in my twenties.

I used to believe; now my well of faith is dry
I used to have a future, before the years went by.
I used to give the orders: now I do what I’m told.
The worst thing about getting old is… getting old.

I used to be a copper, but rusted in the rain.
I used to be a cabbie, but longed to drive a train.
I used to be a wild animal: now I’m an indoor cat.
I used to be a little this, but now I’m more a that.

I used to be a Red, but now my colour’s Green.
I used to be Easter: now I’m Halloween.
Life used to be just better. Regrets? I have a few.
Know that when you’re tested, be careful what you do.

I used to be a fighter, but now am less a lover.
I used to be overt, but now I’m undercover.
I used to be a man of mystery, now my life’s an open book.
I used to be a president, but now I’m not a crook.

I used to wear sharp suits: now I’m dressing down.
I used to be lost: but still I don’t feel found.
I used to be a big cheese. I’m now a Babybel.
I wonder about the choices that led to my own hell.

I used to be cutting edge, but now my wits are dulled.
I used to be a writer, but all my tales are told.
I used to be hot stuff: now I’m yesterday’s stuffing.
I used to be a million: now I’m more like nothing.

I used to be the many, but now I’m in the few.
I used to have the answers: now I wonder what to do.
I used to be. Now, not to be. A life unmade;
A belt unbuckled; a song unsung; a piano unplayed.

I used to be in the circle, now I’m outside looking in.
I used to be hot-headed, now I take it on the chin.
I used to be a dreamer; now it’s a bloody nightmare.
I used to be spontaneous, but now it’s only childcare.

I used to play the king, but now I wear no crown.
I used to be an adverb; now I’m just a noun.
I used to have it all; then we had to part.
Everything changed in the blinking of a heart.

I used to tell tall tales, but time has changed a lot.
Should you believe a word of this?

You should not.