“E is for… Ecru” (poem)

There are TOO MANY colours these days
I’m sure we could ditch a few.
Some colours are really useful
Like orange and green and blue.
But would anyone even notice
If we were to drop ecru?

Yellowish-brown, or brownish yellow
Nobody seems to agree.
Basic beige does the job for me:
Let’s remove the colour debris!
Imagine a world without ecru.
Shall we just try it and see?


Critique group (poem)

I wrote this for my critique group, expressing some of my (newbie) feelings about the critiquing process. Do others have the same thoughts and feelings about it?

This critiquing game is hard.
It lays your soul open wide,
Your deepest thoughts for all to see,
And invites the critters inside.

Lightly as they tread,
The daisies still get trampled,
Structure taken apart;
Favourite lines get strangled.

Part of me wants to hear,
Nothing but praise and love,
As my words shine new light
And raise you up above

Maybe one day they will.
But they’re not quite ready yet.
As good as they seem now, this isn’t
As good as they can get.

So they pass through the crucible,
Tested and toughened by flame.
Ready to share with the world,
Ready to make your name.

So thank you all for your words
And all the time that you take
The different perspective you bring
The different insight you make

This is a relationship of trust
From thousands of miles away.
I hope to eventually meet you in person.
Perhaps at your book signing day?