Life is like a … pedalo (poem)

Life is like a pedalo.

If you’re lucky, there’s two of you in the boat…
But it’s never balanced.

The rudder doesn’t work how you think it should, or want it to,
If you do pedal forwards your feet are in a foot of water.

Whatever course you’d planned to take, those plans will change as soon as you take on water.
(You WILL take on water.)

Standing on the sidelines, it looks like great fun.
It never feels like that once you’re in the boat…


Love Haiku #6

The Onion-Man
Layers unpeeled,
Innermost displayed for all.
But I make you cry

You entered my heart
Through a chink in my armour
Came the fatal blow

A round peg; square hole
Positive thoughts get so far
Reality bites