Something Fishy (poem)

One of our fish has upped and gone
We don’t know where it can be
We haven’t a clue what has occurred
But it’s definitely not there, we agree

When we packed and left on holiday ,
There were six little fish in the tank.
On our return, there were just five.
Could it possibly just be a prank?

So in the space of seven days,
Our six became just five.
Has some affliction claimed Old Six?
I wonder if he’s alive?

Has it tunnelled its way to freedom,
Digging out through the rocks?
Hiding behind the sugar jar,
Before sneaking out in a box?

Did it hire a crack team of bees,
To pick it up as they flew past?
Carry it away in a matchbox of water,
Out to the ocean, vast?

Or has it too gone on holiday,
And sneaked to next door’s pond?
Sunning itself beneath their lilies,
Dreaming of a life beyond?

I know that these are long-shots,
That the truth will be more mundane.
But I’d prefer any single one of these, to
Upsetting my boys again


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Unabashed Love Poem

Your eyes are pure poetry,
Your smile a song.
Your kiss is a chorus
We both sing along.

Every moment with you
Stokes my heart’s fire
Raises my soul up
Lifting me higher

Your laughter is lyrical
Your touch is divine
My heart is yours:
Will you be mine?


Your eyes are pure poetry,
Your smile a song.
Your kiss is a chorus
We both sing along.


Toast (poem)

Be accurate when cooking toast
Never try to guess
Cook it till it smokes and then
Twenty seconds less

(Not one of mine, sadly, but was credited only to “anon”, and I wanted to share this 🙂 )


Cat’s Gift (poem)

A birthday poem for my friend, Jenny…

Cat’s Gift

I brought my human a gift
She didn’t seem best chuffed.
It’s getting to be a habit, with
All my efforts rebuffed.

She didn’t like that frog.
Got squeamish ’bout the mouse.
Didn’t care a bit for
That bug from under the house.

She wasn’t at all grateful,
When I ate that spider’s legs,
And didn’t seem to share my joy
On finding bird’s nest eggs.

I don’t know what to do now:
Everything seems wrong.
Maybe I can win her back
With a tuneful midnight song?

Darcy pose

The Guy In The Red Shirt v2 (poem)

For Throwback Thursday, here is a slight re-working of an older poem. Place tongue firmly in cheek, and begin…

Working on a starship
Flying round in space
Can sometimes be so scary:
It’s a dangerous place!

My best friend is called Terry
He works in engineering.
You wouldn’t believe the tales he tells
Of wonky starship steering!

The safety klaxon sounds:
All hands to your stations‘.
They calmly work together,
This ship of many nations

So I tried to be as calm
When he came back from supplies
Wearing a bright red outfit:
“Terry, is that so wise?”

I’ve seen some nasty things
Happen to those who dress in red.
The one constant for all of them
Is they surely end up DEAD!

But what can I do about Terry?
He’s not in the least superstitious.
So now the more pressing question is…

When should I ask out his missus?


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