Haiku – The River

Hold onto what’s true.
Staring long at the river
Won’t wear down the rocks

Wear down opponents
Return their gaze with a stare
Dam up truth’s river

Wear the badge of truth
Hold fast against the river
Even as they stare



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/donsullivan/9752742114

Written for: http://thesecretkeeper.net/2016/02/08/weekly-writing-prompt-23/
using the prompts stare – river – hold – true – wear

Haiku – Gentle Wanderings

Formless mind games tease;
Gentle paths to wander down,
Leading to the maze.

Gentle summer games
Formed by wandering lost paths,
Teasing tales from time

Gentle, formless breeze
Wandering, gaming, hiding,
Teasing through the air


These were written for secret keeper’s weekly set of prompts – gentle wander tease game form. As ever, my own take on this is to use these in a haiku… or three 🙂

Check out the other entries here: http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/12/07/weekly-writing-prompt-14/



Photo from: flickr.com/photos/katiewilsonphotoadventures/15078159425

Inside My Memory Palace (poem)

A different type of writing prompt here – http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/09/14/weekly-writing-prompt-2/ .
Write any type of poem including the following 5 words: inside – memory – problem – grand – loft

Inside my memory palace
There’s a problem locked away
In a dark and dusty loft
Where only mice now play

To grand egregious errors
The follies of our youth
Staying locked away
The long and hidden truth



99-word story – The Woman on the Train

Staring absent-mindedly out of the train window, Jasmine sighs with all of her body. Arms crossed loosely, her fingers tap out an occasional beat upon her smooth arms, before brushing a mousy brown hair away from her face. A wry smile flickers, and is bitten away. She pulls her i-phone from her bag, fingers sliding deftly over the screen, looking up now and again. Another bite. Long exhale. Coming to a decision, she places the phone face down on the table, straightening the sweet disorder of her floral summer dress.

The stranger opposite smiled to himself.

He’d found her.