Love Haiku #1

Since taking part in Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge, I’ve become a little addicted to writing haiku… So for this week, a batch of haiku every day on the general theme of “love”, in all its many guises. I’ll leave you to guess which ones are autobiographical 🙂

Deep breath. Loins girded.
Approach her slowly, and ask.
Flee in haste, denied

Moments of wonder
Imprison me in self-doubt.
Cage of my making

Office relations.
Colleagues have drinks; flirty fun,
Best to stop it there

Apocalypse love:
Last man on earth gets a shot
With homecoming queen

The dance was sublime,
Partners completely attuned
I began my pitch


Picture by kind courtesy of NB Photography (you can find them and more amazing photos on Facebook, or at “All quiet in the Glen – looking towards Rannoch Moor on a moonlit dawn, from up on Beinn a’Chrulaiste.”

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