Limerick – the Wiccan from Wigan

Haven’t done a daft poem or limerick for a while… “inspired” by Lily’s use of the word “Wiccan” in a comment yesterday, this is what my brain does with a word like that. Apologies… 🙂

A worrisome Wiccan from Wigan
Got anxious when he got his jig on
Till one glorious day
And a roll in the hay
Led Mary to exclaim “What a biggun!”



Untitled design

Haiku – “Cover” & “Colour”

Three colours true?
Cover yourself in glory
And first do no harm

Beneath the covers,
Colours are irrelevant
When the lights are out…

Artist at easel
Covers the world in sunshine;
Colours own viewpoint

Written for Ronovan’s weekly haiku prompt. Check out the other great entries here: