This is the real reason kids should put the lid back on the toothpaste:

When you’ve carefully brushed your teeth,
Put the lid back on the paste.
This isn’t to stop it drying out…
It’s because spiders love the taste!

Halloweensie Haiku

I’m honestly not obsessed with spiders, but here’s another Halloween one that includes them… this one gets a little creepy. You’ve been warned! This one was written for a competition at using the prompts “spider”, “ghost”, and “moon”, in 100 words or fewer, for an audience of 7-12 year olds. This is aimed at the upper end of that age range, and is exactly 100 words. It’s also written in haiku…

on each Halloween
from moonlit graves they arise;
spiders creep like ghosts

silent, and stealthy
they spread to every corner;
each house in the land

hiding in shadows
laying their foul, secret plans;
fiendishly plotting

no force can resist,
no earthly power defend
against their attack

silver webs are laid
glistening in the moonlight
catching more than flies

marking territory
advertising their presence
raising flags of fright

scuttling noises
scampering and skittering
echo through each room

unexplained breezes
tickling back of your neck;
a kiss from the grave

terror breeds terror…
and that’s the only secret
of the FEAR spiders!



I’ve decided to rest my favourite “non-scary” spider pic for this one… here’s another friendly (well, not fear-inducing), if rather large, one I found recently at a visit to Rufford Park, Notts. 🙂


Limerick – Homonyms

A great big spider dropped from the grate
And sat and spied her as she ate
Without batting her eyes
She batted some flies
Sharing them with her friend with legs eight!



I found this challenge really tough… Took me ages to get going. The challenge was to write a limerick using homonyms. Of course, once I got into it I threw a bunch in there…!

I know there are those that can’t stand spiders… I tried to use the least threatening picture of one that I could find! Hope this doesn’t freak anyone out… I found it here:

Cat’s Gift (poem)

A birthday poem for my friend, Jenny…

Cat’s Gift

I brought my human a gift
She didn’t seem best chuffed.
It’s getting to be a habit, with
All my efforts rebuffed.

She didn’t like that frog.
Got squeamish ’bout the mouse.
Didn’t care a bit for
That bug from under the house.

She wasn’t at all grateful,
When I ate that spider’s legs,
And didn’t seem to share my joy
On finding bird’s nest eggs.

I don’t know what to do now:
Everything seems wrong.
Maybe I can win her back
With a tuneful midnight song?

Darcy pose

Haiku Challenge – Cobwebs

Here are my efforts for TJ’s weekly haiku challenge – . “Cobwebs” is such a rich prompt word. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Brisk walk on the beach
By daylight’s sluggish greeting
Blows out the cobwebs

Lurking in corners
Dusty cobwebs tell a tale:
Here there be ghosties!

Hedgerow spiderwebs
Glistening and shimmering
Draped in midnight dreams


Picture courtesy of / Creative Commons

“U is for.. U-Bend!” (poem)

There’s a spider round my U-bend
It’s leggy, black and green
I may not be an expert, but
It’s the biggest one I’ve seen.

I tried to call her Suzy
To make her seem less scary…
It didn’t really work though,
Not when she’s that hairy.

She’s started taking showers,
She’s even claimed my shaver.
Acting like she owns the place,
As if she’s doing US a favour

We tried to co-exist
And live happily together.
But now she’s got to go,
However cold the weather!


The Joy of Spring (poem)

Spring is life!
Newborn lambs twist and shout…
But spring is the time when the spiders come out

Spring is colour!
A riotous rainbow on display all about…
But spring is the time when the spiders come out

Spring is hope!
An annual re-charge that removes any doubt…