OctPoWriMo #10 – Success (poem)

Today’s prompt was to sing about our successes… I recently passed some significant (for me) milestones in terms of numbers reading this blog, so I thought about writing about that. But having also come across both blogs that have amazing poetry (and hardly any likes) and some blogs that have nothing but awful, incomprehensible doggerel (and a bizarre number of likes), I’ve decided to take a different tack. BTW – if I’ve visited your blog more than once, the latter is not aimed at you!


Made it to some milestones
For followers and views
But that’s no validation
For the poetic path I choose

So I won’t share those numbers:
They’re personal to me.
No need to brag and boast
About my vanity

I’m not playing the numbers game
So thanks for your attention.
Success is individual.
Not a competition



This is today’s contribution to OctPoWriMo – a challenge to write a poem a day during October. You can sign up here, at any time during the month, or just check out the prompts and tips if you prefer – http://www.octpowrimo.com/


Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

“Y is for… ” (poem)

Some will tell you that to go far
(By which I mean flash house and car)

That you will need a dose of luck,
To work like mad, with lots of pluck


The truest secret of success
Is knowing when to say