Treasures from Childhood (The Great Book of Lists)

Judy mentioned on Edwina’s Episodes – that she was going to give this challenge a try for this year, and I thought it sounded fun too! It might also provide some useful material for future poems or stories.

Every week, there will be a prompt on a different theme for you to make your list. The prompt for the first week is “treasures from childhood” – see here:

Now, I don’t remember a great deal from my own childhood. I don’t know whether this is typical of most people, whether my memory has failed me for whatever reason, or even just that it was a reasonably happy, “boring” childhood, without getting overly sentimental about specific objects. So, I’m going to list three items that I remember, and three random memories.

1 – A Millennium Falcon toy… my Dad said I could have one for Christmas when I was 7/8(?), if I could spell it. So I did! (I wish I still had this, for my sons… yeah, okay, maybe for me too)

2 – Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. These were Dungeons & Dragons-style games, which I played with three friends, as well as reading the “choose your own adventure” books on my own. I have very happy memories of these FF evenings, especially when we used most of that time playing garden cricket instead.

3 – Atari computers… anyone else remember typing in hundreds of lines of code from magazines to make a blob move around the screen a bit, with no fancy graphics or sound? From there to here…! Then there was the “Atari vs Amiga” debate slightly later on at school, when games like Elite and Xenon 2 were the big sellers. (I can still “hear” the music from Xenon 2 – it was such a great mindworm track.) I also remember seeing Chaos Engine on the Amiga, and being blown away by it. That ended the debate for me, although true nerds would still claim the Atari ST was great for writing music (something which I did not do!).

1 – the simple pleasure of being sat up on the counter at Danny Dyke’s fish and chip shop in Gloucester, and being given two (impossibly hot) chips on a wooden fork to eat while we waited for our order. Bliss.

2 – accompanying my Dad to endless local games of football (he played, then managed a team for many years). I don’t think I ever watched more than five minutes of a game, although I’d sometimes watch the crowd, and enjoy some of the non-age appropriate banter/sledging. I’d spend most of the afternoon exploring the edges of the fields, just wandering around, not bored, but investigating… I remember discovering the “motherlode” at the edge of one playing field, where some houses backed onto the field, with only a handful of trees to divide them off… someone had left all of their Star Wars toys out, on a muddy mound beneath those trees. I played with them for ages! I have to admit, I do need to send an apology back through time to the owner of said toys. I was unable to resist taking the Wampa toy. If it’s any consolation, I played with it a lot on your behalf, and it often bested my Luke toy in combat…

3 – I also remember following in my father’s footsteps early, by “managing” our playground football team when I was 8 or 9. We would play “our year” versus “the next year up”. I managed to persuade two older boys to defect, and then bored anyone who would listen that these two would “really strengthen our defence”… I think I remember it so clearly because I bored myself saying it!

Do you have any childhood treasures – either memories or items – that you think fondly on? I’d love to hear them in the comments, or for you to join this challenge too. 🙂


The photo below is me… I cropped off the budgie smugglers!


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