99-word story – The Train

The train slowed from an imperceptible crawl to a palpable stop. “Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of East Midlands trains I’d like to apologise for the delay.

“Unfortunately, the driver has lapsed into a deep malaise… Is there perhaps a poet on the train?”

I leapt to attention.

“If I may be so bold as to show it,
I am, indeed, sir, a poet!”

Everyone in the carriage burst into a spontaneous, enthusiastic and prolonged round of applause. An old couple started dancing in the aisle. A middle-aged mother swooned. An angry man wept into his tattoos…

One day…




Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/12287146


The Train

The train rolls ever onwards
The piper smokes his last
Grab all your hopes and dreams
And stick them up your past

The train rolls ever onwards
The teacher can’t be taught
Hate is rolling down the line
Incontinence of thought

The train rolls ever onwards
From day into dark night
Gathering all the mind-moths
Burn them in the light

The train rolls ever onwards
Until it makes the end
To hide within the darkness
And greet it like a friend



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/caldaroni/8633963996

99-word story – The Woman on the Train

Staring absent-mindedly out of the train window, Jasmine sighs with all of her body. Arms crossed loosely, her fingers tap out an occasional beat upon her smooth arms, before brushing a mousy brown hair away from her face. A wry smile flickers, and is bitten away. She pulls her i-phone from her bag, fingers sliding deftly over the screen, looking up now and again. Another bite. Long exhale. Coming to a decision, she places the phone face down on the table, straightening the sweet disorder of her floral summer dress.

The stranger opposite smiled to himself.

He’d found her.