The Two-Minute Manager – 2 – LOVE

Here’s the second update from guest blogger, See Ye-Oh, with her unique take on all things romantic…

“With Valentine’s Day mercifully receding into the distance behind us, some thoughts for you on mixing love and work:

A leadership tip:
Beware of Valentine’s Day
Lessers WILL love you

Love is a weakness
Bond only with the useful
To drive you forward

Change your perspective
See compromise as failure
Assert your vision

Hearts break
Flowers die
Clear your vision
Touch the sky”



Limerick / Valentine’s Countdown – 7

This week’s limerick prompt from Mind and Life Matters is “feral”…

A cartoon character called Beryl
Was always but one step from peril
She claimed to be brave
But just misbehaved
Acting decidedly feral!

(Beryl the Peril was a longstanding character in British comics – a female equivalent of the better-known Dennis the Menace)

I’m also doing a Valentine’s Day countdown here, so thought I’d try a limerick on that theme too…

It’s been said that the feeling of “love“,
Long-argued when push came to shove,
Is no more
Than a dull metaphor…
But it fits like a hand in a glove!



Valentine’s Countdown – 10

The romantically-inclined among you may be aware that Valentine’s Day is coming up… so as a reminder to myself to get out there and get/write my wonderful wife something suitable to express my love, I’m starting a poem-a-day daily countdown until “the big day”. They won’t all be Hallmark-friendly 🙂


Love’s a bumpy ride,
Like a train bound to a track
On a coastal route

Taking in the views,
Of the fraught, craggy headlands:
One destination.



Picture credit:

For Emma (poem)

I want to say I love you
But it’s all been said before.
So many wordy platitudes
And all with the same flaw.

I want to be original
To show my love is true.
Find a new way to express
The way I feel for you.

I tried simply being modest,
But that just felt too quiet.
My feelings turned erotic…
But I’m too shy to try it.

I toyed with being practical,
Of companionship for life,
But that was pre-included,
When you agreed to be my wife.

I thought about hyperbole
But that just got bizarre.
I considered trying Klingon
But that’s a step too far…

I even tried more modern ways
And first it seemed quite clever
But then I felt a total tit…
It said ” SoulMates 4eva”

So how to end this missive?
Only one way will do.
Like me, a trite, imperfect,
Simple, sweet, “I love you”