Limerick – Wedding

I’ve been offline all weekend, attending my youngest brother’s wedding (that’s him and his beautiful wife in the picture below). What a fantastic day! He asked me to do a reading of one of my own poems, written especially for them (NOT the one below, sorry)… luckily, it went down well… Does that count as my first “performance”, to qualify now as a performance poet??

By sheer coincidence, the prompt this week on Rashmi’s limerick challenge was wedding… I wrote this over the weekend, like a true method actor!

Weddings are magical things,
Filled with smiles, and dresses, and rings,
And on this happiest day,
The couple stands there to say
We’ll weather whatever fate brings


The Bride tries desperately to separate the Groom from his friends…

Haiku – Veiled & Fray

Some non-zombie stuff. Still haiku though. Maybe I’ll throw in a limerick tomorrow 🙂

Love exits the fray
When veiled passions reveal
Deeper truths beneath

The truth is veiled
Beneath our own prejudice.
Battle is within.

Groom removes veil
Nerves frayed, hands shaking, trembling.
Until she smiles




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Haiku – “Noise” & “Stag”

This is my contribution for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge – a three-part haiku flash fiction.

Note – in the UK, we refer to the bridegroom’s pre-wedding “celebrations” as a stag night/ party/ weekend/ do. The groom is called the stag.

My stag weekend took place in Brighton, on the same weekend as Gay Pride. I wasn’t the only naked man on the beach at the end of that night, but I was the only one who was solo… (My friends had ritually de-bagged me and thrown me in the sea. I had to beg for them to at least leave my shoes – those pebbles were rough!) Happy days…

Anyway, for the avoidance of all doubt, this is entirely fictional.

Raucous stag party
Celebrates male bonding
Most unpleasantly

Stag wakes in hotel.
Sick with shame, reeking of her.
Slightest noise resounds

Wedding day tears.
Apologies are white noise
For stag night mistakes


Haiku Challenge – “Bust” & “Must”

Two contributions from me for Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge – “bust” and “must” being the theme words. Check out lots of great haiku on Ronovan’s blog:

My writing career
Has many needs, and one MUST:
Agent deal or bust!

Raucous wedding brawl;
Black eyes, bust lips, bruised knuckles.
It must be true love.