The Graveyard

I need to take a walk
just to clear my head.
No one seems as silent
as the long-departed dead.

Walking past the headstones
set down long ago,
I reflect upon my choices
and how little that I know.

There’s wisdom in these bones.
In these untended plots.
But no one cares to listen
once the body rots.

Floral exhibitions,
displays of timely grief.
We’ll go and light a candle
to show off our belief.

We need to listen downward
Instead of up above.
Their message is the simplest one:
Live your life in love.



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Who Am I? (poem)

I don’t know who I am any more.

The mask has stuck fast
Public face absorbing private truth
Rictus grin fixed firm
All softeners and simpering
Homilies and ha-ha-has

Jargon and jelly beans

A rough diamond smoothed,
Ground to sand
Trickling through fingers that would claim it
Then hate-baked into a distorted parody

Dead eyes peer out
Locked into a part picked by past practice and present perfidy
Playing the role of a lifetime.
A life.

Hear my silent cries, the dry tears,
The balled-up fists beating against the invisible bars
In melodramatic stillness

I pause. This is me.

This has always been me.

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Haiku Challenge – Five & Thrive

This is my contribution for Ronovan’s latest weekly challenge – check it out at . The prompt words are “five” and “thrive”. Mine is based around Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – technically it’s five haiku and a verse at the end (is there a name for this?). Hope you like it!

Mother Maslow

Mother Maslow’s start:
You gave me food and water,
Shelter from life’s storms

At the second stage,
Taught me how the world worked,
When to run, or stand

At Maslow’s third stage,
Showed me love’s reality:
You give, and you get

Then at the fourth stage,
Taught me to believe in me,
Hold my head up high

Now at Maslow’s fifth,
I unfurl my wings and fly,
To thrive, not survive

For all this, I thank you
In the only way I know
I carry your love inside me
And never hide its glow


Weekly Haiku Challenge – Gain & Hound

For Ronovan’s weekly challenge, the prompt words are: gain and hound. I immediately wanted to do a Game of Thrones haiku for the “Hound” character, and then had an idea for a second one too. Hope you like these!

Hounded by your memory.
Gained only wisdom.

The Hound
The Hound lost a face:
Only dignity to gain
And he took his chance