I don’t think I’ve struggled as much with any post on this site as this one… what to say about myself that isn’t trite and dull? How to grab your attention from all the million other blogs out there and scream “PICK ME! PICK ME!” like the desperate child at the end of the line when they’re picking teams? Truth is, that’s never been my style. Calm, self-effacing, “witty”, …yeah a little sarcastic too. But I’m not here to grind any axes. I’ve no agenda to push, unless you count a belief that poetry should be a universal communicator and not confined to elites full of smug self-congratulation. Poetry should be fun, as well as have a heart… that is what I strive for. Uplifting nonsense that makes you think…

Let me know if I succeed 🙂

You’ll find all sorts on here – poems, flash fiction, the occasional short story, maybe even some thoughts on writing… All written while putting off the more weighty task of writing a novel, not to mention holding down a full time job and occasionally even spending time with my family… feel free to fully enable these diversionary tactics. Yeah, I’m trying to make a career out of this. But I also have the attention span of a goldfish 🙂



If you really want to know more, see a different bio here: http://www.alistairlanewrites.com/about/

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66 thoughts on “About

  1. I absoluteley love your tagline “Writer, Poet, Daydreamer”. It’s so suitable and really creative and shows who you are ( I could see that in your poetry)

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  6. Hi Al, it’s the Meg you know, now starting fresh with a pen name and a new blog. Had been thinking of doing this for a while and some issues with a family member finally gave me the push I needed. Hope you’ll follow along so we can stay in touch!

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