The Rhyming Dead… Ice-Cool Daryl

the-walking-dead-should-daryl-dixon-keep-his-rocket-launcher-842012Another one from the vaults, in advance of The Walking Dead returning for Season 7 today… hopefully fun for non-Watchers too! This was written after Daryl got his hands on a rocket launcher…🙂

Action hero Daryl
Ain’t missing that ‘bow
The boy changed up
Watch that rocket go!

He’s cooler than Beck,
Beyoncé and Dre
He’s cooler than bobsledding
On a silver tray

Daryl’s looking fly
Better clear the room
Bad dudes in his sights
Time to go BOOM!

He’s cooler than Jack Nicholson
On Oscars night
Cooler than a vampire
With a massive overbite

He’s cooler than dinner,
With the Dalai Lama
Or even playing bongos
With Barack Obama

Daryl’s looking fly
Better clear the room
Bad dudes in his sights
Time to go BOOM!

He’s cooler than Marty
On a future hoverboard
Cooler than flying on
The very last Concorde

He’s cooler than Miles Davis
Feeling kind of blue
Cooler than Frozen
(If that film’s for you)

Daryl’s looking fly
Better clear the room
Walkers in his sights
Time to go BOOM!

He’s cooler than James Bond
In a white tuxedo
Or getting ten friends
To hold up a casino

Cooler than Pharrell
Singing “Happy” to my mum
Cooler than Animal
And a big bass drum

You can jet-ski across the ocean
Or hang-glide to the moon
Form a hip-hop barber shop
And release a funky tune

But you’ll never be as cool
As Daryl D. Dixon
He’s infected with cool.
He has a cool affliction!

Daryl’s looking fly
Better clear the room
Got you in his sights
Time to go BOOM!

The Rhyming Dead…

Anyone else excited about The Walking Dead coming back for Season 7 next week? They left us on that shocking cliffhanger… here’s a quick recap to remind you!

Rick had acted recklessly
Deciding to attack
Now, in the woods at midnight
There was no turning back

The Saviors have numbers
And weapons on their side
With eyes and ears everywhere
There’s no place left to hide

Negan is their leader
Swinging ’round Lucille
His bloody, battered baseball bat
Wrapped in barbed wire steel

Rick and Glenn and Daryl,
Maggie and Michonne,
On their knees and crying,
A long, long way from home

Rick’s hubris led them there
And now they pay the price
No cavalry to rescue them
No last roll of the dice

Negan cruelly toys with them
Going up and down the line
Playing eenie meenie minie
As they tremble in the pines

Then he chooses one
And Lucille she starts to hack
It could be any one of them –
The camera fades to black

A truly horrifying end
For one of our valiant crew;
But for the viewer, even worse –
A shocking thing to do!


For those who’ve NEVER watched The Walking Dead, there’s still time (and I’m not judging… you’ve been busy, right?)… John Cleese (no less) has prepared this summary of all previous six seasons in four delicious, gory minutes!


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Limerick – Homonyms

A great big spider dropped from the grate
And sat and spied her as she ate
Without batting her eyes
She batted some flies
Sharing them with her friend with legs eight!



I found this challenge really tough… Took me ages to get going. The challenge was to write a limerick using homonyms. Of course, once I got into it I threw a bunch in there…!

I know there are those that can’t stand spiders… I tried to use the least threatening picture of one that I could find! Hope this doesn’t freak anyone out… I found it here: