This is the real reason kids should put the lid back on the toothpaste:

When you’ve carefully brushed your teeth,
Put the lid back on the paste.
This isn’t to stop it drying out…
It’s because spiders love the taste!

The Snail In My Garden

There’s a snail in my garden
Hiding in its shell
I’m not sure where it’s been
It’s sometimes hard to tell

There is one thing that troubles me
And causes me some doubt.
The answer to this question:
Is it in or out?



OctPoWriMo #24 – The Cat on the Stair

The cat sat.
Sat and stared.
Sat and stared upon the stair.
Upon the stair, it sat and stared.

It was a cat and mouse affair.

Without the mouse.



Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was to search through the photos at until you find one that sparks a story poem for you…





Toast (poem)

Be accurate when cooking toast
Never try to guess
Cook it till it smokes and then
Twenty seconds less

(Not one of mine, sadly, but was credited only to “anon”, and I wanted to share this 🙂 )


The Buoyant Bubble (poem)

A buoyant bubble floated by
Borne upon the breeze
A buoyant bubble hanging there
In days as long as these

That buoyant bubble bore inside
A hundred hopes and dreams
That buoyant bubble full of wishes
Glistens and it gleams

The buoyant bubble on the breeze
It starts and then it stops
I go to catch the buoyant bubble

It pops


Picture courtesy of / Creative Commons

This poem was inspired by a beautiful haiku by Annette Rochelle Aben – you can check it out here:

“V is for… Vampire!” (poem)

If vampires have no reflection,
How do they style their hair?
How do they brush their teeth,
Or practice a hypnotic stare?

How do they check their shirt’s tucked in,
Or that their tie is straight,
When entertaining brides-to-be
On a romantic date?

How do they cope with shaving
(Does undead hair still grow?)
There are so many things about vampires
That I would like to know!


“L is for… Liar!” (poem)

Little Lisa liked to lie,
She lied the whole day long.
If she even tried the truth
It just came out all wrong.

She’s a dis-honest dodger
A diddler, a cheat
Chock-full of chicanery
Fake falsehoods and deceit!

Call it lies, fibs, porky pies,
Or just bending the truth,
If she tells you a story
You’d better check for proof!

Lying comes easy to some
While others need to try
But one thing Lisa could naturally do
Was lie, lie, LIE !