Limerick – Infatuation

It’s the start of the school holidays here in the UK, and summer seems to have finally made its mind up to join us (at least for a few days)… against this background, and while the kids are playing happily outside, it’s time to dim the lights on here and get a little mushy for a week of Summer Lovin’. The non-romantic and dead inside might be happier taking a week off, or looking through my zombie stuff 🙂

Esther Newton offers a variety of weekly prompts. I’ve chosen to write limericks on the theme of infatuation 🙂

Love’s loser…

I’m completely infatuated
With a girl I’d love to have dated
But fear held me back
We went different tracks
And now I’m alone and frustrated!

Love’s winner…

I’ve made the most wonderful find:
She’s the only thing now on my mind
When I try to sleep
Into my mind she creeps
So I’m tired, but feeling sublime!



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Haiku – Clocks

Metronomic beats
Pulsing towards love’s ending
Counting down, not up

All clocks melt away
Persistence of memory?
Nothing survives clean

Time’s petite parcels
Those tick-tock happy endings
Eat away our hope


Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory

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Haiku – Veiled & Fray

Some non-zombie stuff. Still haiku though. Maybe I’ll throw in a limerick tomorrow 🙂

Love exits the fray
When veiled passions reveal
Deeper truths beneath

The truth is veiled
Beneath our own prejudice.
Battle is within.

Groom removes veil
Nerves frayed, hands shaking, trembling.
Until she smiles




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Haiku – Basketball

This is what happens when I read Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover… I try and write haiku/ three line poems on basketball!


The pressure’s intense.
One point down. Clock ticking hard.

The shot’s out of reach…

A feint, spring forward
Dribbling close, taking off…

But the attempt’s flawed.

Hang my head in shame.
Dreams of major leagues shattered.

McDonalds beckons.



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Limerick – Lost

#1 – For laughs
In a land all covered in frost
Two explorers were counting the cost,
As they ploughed through the snow,
With no clue where to go,
Because they refused to admit that they’re lost!


#2 – Playing it straight
The fearless crew were tempest-tossed
By foaming seas where hope was lost.
On an island, their hardy ship shattered
Leaving them bloodied, bruised and battered;
They survived, but what was the cost?



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The Two-Minute Manager – 3

Another dose of management and leadership advice from the somewhat cynical mind of guest blogger, See Yi-Oh… Am starting to see where I’m going wrong…

Meeting etiquette

Never take minutes,
Except for the Chief Exec.
For them, anything.

Sit at table’s head
Dominate the meeting room
Keep all eyes on you.

Words can be weapons
But make your body language
First line of attack:

Fold your arms and scowl.
Whatever’s been reported
Extend the silence,

Draw out that silence.
Lessers will panic, back down,
Offer more for less.